Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Can Now Legally Drink in America.

Allergy season is here and in full bloom (pardon the pun). I actually lame all the wind I have had to endure. But I can't quite breathe through my runny nose (how does that even work?!) and I have slept far more than I normally do. But do not fear, I have been drinking plenty of liquids (yes, non-alcoholic) and taking Clariton every day.

So, still I haven't done much because I've been procrastinating on writing my essays. You may be thinking That doesn't make any sense. Unless you're in college, than you completely understand. Just trust me.

Saturday: We took a three hour bus drive to the Waterford "Factory."
Yeah, it's still closed. And I don't think they're going to be making crystal anytime within this lifetime in Ireland. So, we went to the visiting center: which consisted of a cafeteria, a video of how they used to make the crystal, and a very large room filled with their imported Waterford goods.
I bought a pink daisy paperweight (that was made in Germany, but no one else has to know) and a cookie jar (obviously not Waterford) that says "A Balanced Diet is Having two Cookies in Each Hand." I loved it!
We the walked around the city of Waterford, which I really enjoyed! It's such a quaint little town filled with shops and people out and about doing their weekend shopping!
We ran into a group of what I'm assuming is the scouts playing the Bagpipes. There were just as many girls as there were boys playing and I was so proud.
We then took out three and a hlf hour bus ride back and passed out from our exhausting day. it's funny how one can get so tired from doing nothing!

Sunday, Janelle and I took a break from studying and went to this Fish and Chips place that was AMAZING!!!! It was the first real Irish fish and chips I've had all trip (besides what I had on the islands) and they were drenched in salt and vinegar and all kinds of deliciousness. The only thing the Irish need to learn is that Americans use more than one tiny packet of ketchup for our fries. In fact, you should offer us five times as many ketchup packets.

Monday night was Maeve and Kayla's going away party. I don't ever remember being so ful from all the food they provided!
[Again, proving how American we are with our fries and massive amount of ketchup. Later, there was chicken nuggets that tasted like they were imported from McDonalds. Now, I don't normally like McDonalds, but since I knew they were not actually from there, they were so tasty!]
[Guac, sangria, and chocolate: what mroe do you need in life? Nothing.] It was fun with all our close friends of Ireland being there.
[Janelle and Bridget.]
[Maeve and Kayle: the champions of Beer Pong.]
[This is my first (relatively) legal tequila shot! It was exciting]
Tuesday: My 21st Birthday!!!!
For lunch, we had fajitas in honor of Cinco de Mayo.
Then Janelle and Alex came over to pre-game before going out to our farewell dinner.
[They made me cake and bought me REAL wine (not this 5 euro wine I've had to endure.)]
[Alex making Margaritas.]
[Me and my Margarita!]
[My beautiful Birthday cake.]
[Family SHot.]
[Blowing out the birthday cake.]
We then went to the FInal Dinner with our CIEE group at the Korean Buffet and Karaoke. Don and Brian surprisd me with a birthday ice cream extravaganza and champagne.
[They're singing 'Happy Birthday.']
[I got shy...]
[Ice cream and champagne.]
[After karaoke (which is my new favorite past time) we went out dancing and I had a fabulous birthday!]

Tonight, I'm going to go see Star Trek with my flatmate, Sean, ans come of his friends. Then, rest to not be sick anymore and essay, essay, essay.

Less than a month until I go back to AZ!


  1. Oh Katie it looks like you had a fabulous 21st birthday!! Hooray for you!! You have made a lot of new friends that you will keep forever! Enjoy your time there it goes quickly and then you will be back in hot Arizona!! Just talked to Tim he says to tell you Happy Birthday!! He can't get on to post a comment to you. Where will your next travel adventure take you? Happy essay writing!

  2. It doesnt get any better than that.....your 21st birthday in the drinking capitol of the world!