Monday, May 11, 2009

Powerscourt Estate

My adventure by myself: and must I say, I did pretty well! I got a little lost on the way to the bus stop, but that's because I've never been to the south side of Trinity College. Oh, and I left my umbrella on the bus ride to Powerscourt...

Powerscourt Gardens: possibly my second favorite place I've been to in Ireland outside of Dublin.
[The following are pictures from the Italian Gardens.]
[Triton Lake.]
[The Winged Horses.][That's Me!]
[Pretty view of Triton Lake with the Powerscourt House in the background.]
[The Pet Cemetery: which contains many of the family pets; one of the largest of its kind.]
[Dolphin Pond.]
[The Walled Gardens: the name speaks for itself.]
[Bamberg Gate.]
[Tower Valley: although I don't know why they call it the valley when it's just one tower...]
[The Japanese Gardens: personally my favorite garden on his estate!]
[I was so happy I was able to kind of capture what it was like walking around all the green trees and then just stumbling upon all of these flowers!]
[The House: different angle.]
[I'd like to refer to this as a mansion, not a house. But, it is Ireland.]
[This is the bench I sat on to eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Be jealous.]

Well, I'm probably going to Newgrange on Saturday. Then it's continuing the essays that never see to be done!!!! (I did finish my 2/4 today, though) :-)
Then it's Scotland near the end a few day trips in between.

Peace and Love.


  1. Katie:
    These pictures are beautiful - I don't remember that we went there. Wow, the things you've seen and done.

    It's hot so we're staying inside except to go to doctor's visits.

    Love ya, Gma Lola

  2. Hi Katie,
    Gma Lola beat me to the comments I see!! What magnificent pictures you take, absolutely breath taking. I am so happy you are getting to do all this. Glad the essays are getting done, Barry is doing well and glad to be home again, I took him for a blood test today and to the barber, he was beginning to look like the shaggy dog. Well it is graduation day at ASU and President Obama is speaking and these poor people have been lined up since noon trying to get in to their seats, some passing out with the heat!! It has been lovely in Payson and we are enjoying it. Have a wonderful rest of May and I will be waiting for your next adventure!

  3. Awesome picture but no Barros Pizza. I would have to leave. jk

    Love you Dad

  4. KT,
    The Japanese gardens were beautiful and you did a wonderful job capturing the "essence"! I can almost smell the green....