Monday, February 23, 2009

The Adventure that is Cork.

This trip will probably be the worst trip that I will experience through my course of Ireland. At least, I pray that it is. And it's not even Cork's fault. It's just the elements of life.
We started out at the airport with seven of us. Only three were able to get on the plane to go to Cork in the end.
I was not one of them.
We were told we could use our GNIB (Card-version of a passport you need to stay in Ireland over 90 days) card to get on the airplane. We were misinformed. So, we ran to the bus stop and payed extra for a bus ride of four and a half hours to Cork, instead of the 30 minute plane flight.
Oh, and this is after they took my very expensive face wash because it was too big of a liquid.

We arrive to our incredibly ghetto hostel in an incredibly sketch part of the neighborhood.
Tis is the view from our window... A cemetery.
This is the bed I slept on. It smelled like feet.
However, the final highlight of my day (after being awake for 13 hours and it only being 6:30) is that our lovely 3 friends that had made it on the plane surprised us with dinner when we arrived!
We roamed around for a little while ans saw this pretty church, St. Anne's:
Of course, then it got to be too sketch in the dark, so we opened up our four bottles of wine from the very bad day and proceeded to drink them, then be the loud Americans having fun around the streets of Cork.
The next day we went and saw Blarney Castle. It was the second best part of our not-so-good trip. The scenery was absolutely beautiful!

After climbing up the scariest flight of stairs in the world (it was like a wet, hobbit stairwell- I almost had to stop and turn around because I felt like I couldn't breathe!) I was able to kiss the Blarney Stone and look at the fantastic countryside.

When we got back into Cork we walked around for a tad, up the most ginormous hill to take some pretty pictures on a grassy area.

After that adventure, we were all so tired and, I'm sorry Colton, but all there is to do is shop and we were all terribly out of money. So, we spent what little we had left on the most delicious Butler's Bailey's Cheesecake in the world. Worth every penny!

We were ablt to get on the flight back home, praise Jesus, and then, to top off our weekend, had the taxi driver from Hell with Road Rage, the unability to speak clear english, and a just plain bad driver.
There were some high's, like dinner, Blarney, and pie, but hopefully I'll be able to laugh about it later.

Word of the Blog:
"Blarey": bullcrap.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Galway Girl

My new favorite place to be in the world: Galway Ireland.
When we first got off our FIVE AND A HALF HOUR BUD RIDE; we went to our hostel (my very first!) and checked into our room (ten bunks of girls, one poor Italian girl had to share with six loud, American girls).

We went out to several pubs, but mostly all weekend we drank at The Kings Head, probably Galway's most famous bar.
Then we went over for a little while to "Central Perk" (we would), to have the most delicious shot ever!!! Butterball: Bailey's and Butterscotch Schnopfs (sorry for the new-drinker-spelling).
Saturday we woke up early to go on our Bus Guided Tour!!!
Here's most of the group, minus, like, five people (including myself because I'm taking it).
As we drove throughout the Burren, we stopped for ten minutes to take a picture of this beautiful castle, the Dunguaire Castle.
As we drove to get to various location throughout the west of Ireland, we all commented how this side of the country is what we think Ireland looks like when we think of the country.
It was beyond the words of beautiful:

We stopped near the town of Doolin to look at their cliffs and got some great pictures of the water and the crazy rock formations.

We ate here for lunch, in case you wanted to know my every movement...
My favorite part of the tour: The Cliffs of Moher.
The most amazing site to ever see!

Now, please enjoy the pictures:

Yes, that is a sign for the memory of the average ten a year deaths on the cliffs, with a warning sign not to go past that sign, with the most of the guests of the cliffs beyond that point (myself included)...

More amazing countryside:
One of our last stops was the Paulnabrone Dolmen Stone: a tomb for those-we-are-not-sure-of:
this is the city of Galway; please note the amazing streets and the fabulously cute buildings.
Oh, it is love.

Before we departed onward back to Dublin, we stopped at this cute bar/restaurant for breakfast.
I ate the most delicious yogurt with granola, bananas, and melons.
Well folks. I'll be in Cork this next weekend.

Phrase of the Blog:
It's gas: It's cool/ awesome.