Saturday, May 23, 2009

There is stuff BEYOND Dublin...

Alex and I took the Dart out to Howth (pronounced Hoe-th). See the following pictures for your viewing pleasure:
[Alex and me.][Yes, I be pimpin in with my umbrella!]

Alex and I went to Glendalough [pronounced Glen-da-lock] and, let's just say, you could add it to my list of favorite places in Ireland. In fact, I give it top 5.
[A necessary picture.]
[This made me so happy.]
[Excuse me as I outnerd my seself: If you've seen Lord of the Rings, this reminded me of when the raiths were coming to get Frodo in the first movie and it woods enclose in an amazing cinametography moment.]

[After our three hour hike, we laid out in the sun for a good long hour. For the first time in my life I was so utterly happy to get a sun burn!]

I'll be posting a blog about the amazing country of SCOTLAND later today or tomorrow.
All 'l be doing the rest of the trip is finishing up on shopping, hanging out with my friends (the ones who haven't left yet), and, procrastinating on packing.


Word of the Blog;
Fringe: bangs (as in hair; Irish people have no idea what you mean when you say I need to trim my bangs...)


  1. Ok, now I am jealous of all the additional sites you've seen. I will have to go back to Ireland for sure. We're anxious to see you - and soon!!!
    Love, Gma and Gpa

  2. Fabulous Katie!! The country is so beautiful and green and your pics are super as always. Is Alex from Dublin or like you has not gone home yet? Can't wait for Scotland, enjoy yourself.

  3. The Scenery is awesome again. I am glad one of your friends got to hang back and do a little more sightseeing. Who and the heck would want to come home early when you paid for a place to stay until May 31. Good job on taking advantage of every second. You have excided my expectations on how much you would get out of your study abroad. That’s my girl. We can’t what to see you on Sunday.
    Love you Dad